Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions :

Terms and condition

This option aims to discover the different holiday formulas proposed by Morocco Trip Travel, which offers the products presented on its website and media to anyone who has expressly stated - marking the box provided for that purpose - who has read and accepted these terms and conditions, as well as the services offered on the Website.

The client must confirm the dates of his travel, no later than 30 days from the date of his payment.
This stay is personal and the assignment of this is only possible after the written acceptance of our agency.
This offer is personal. It may not be assigned, sold or modified without the prior written consent of our agency.
Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by an account manager who will invite them to a welcome cocktail, during which the date will be set for the presentation of the benefits of all the offers and tourist promotions of Morocco Trip Travel, without any commitment on the part of the client.

If upon arrival of the client, we are unable to provide a significant part of the services contracted, our agency will immediately take the necessary measures, without prejudice to the remedies for damages and will offer you a replacement for the planned services, this service will be at no additional charges.

Given the large number of promotional files processed by our services, and despite a special attention in the treatment of these, the agency is not responsible for any changes or modifications.

We remind you that the day dedicated to the round trip are included in the duration of the trip specified in the offer.
The conditions of contractual cancellation: Any cancellation by the client must be notified to sales manager or to the travel agency manager at the latest fourteen days after the effective date of payment. After this time, cancellations will not be accepted and the client cannot claim any refund, or compensation.

You must send us the confirmation of your purchase of plane tickets if you have not made the reservation through us, so that the agency can deal with the confirmation of the stay in a Hotel or Riad upon arrival.

You will always receive a written confirmation of your booking

What does the rate include?

All of the facilities listed in the trip description are included in the rate. To view them, please click on your specific the trip. You can learn about the facilities and what is included and not includedin the trip by checking our web site. More information can be found in our terms and conditions.

Is it possible to book without bank transfert?

Yes. Bank transfer is not required to make a reservation. Below are the booking steps :
- Fill in the reservation form on our website.
- You will receive a reply by e-mail within a deadline that does not exceed 24 hours

Indicating our availabilities and best offers.
- You can subsequently confirm or even negotiate the offer by exchange of mail.
- After agreement and final confirmation you can pay in one of our offices upon your arrival.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

Once the booking form is completed, the confirmation page appears. It includes all the details of the reservation, as your reservation number. A confirmation email containing all information about your reservation will also be sent to you.

If your request can be met only subject to availability, then an email summarizing your request will be sent to you once the booking form has been completed, an email will be sent to confirm your booking, which also contains the option date until your online booking is guaranteed under conditions of payment of the entire stay in one of our agencies before expiry of the deadline. In case of unavailability for the selected dates, one of our agents will contact you to offer you another offer closest to your first choice.

Can I cancel or change my booking

Yes, it's simple. You can cancel or modify your booking via our online support service on our website.
You can also call us directly by phone and one of our agents will process your request.

We Travel With Children Is It Possible To Have An Extra Bed / Cot In The Room?

Please note the following

There is a surcharge for an additional bed / baby cots are not included in the rate of the reservation.
During the online booking process, please request a baby cot / extra bed in the "remarks / recommendations" box.
We advise you to call us before your arrival to obtain confirmation of your request. Contact information can be found in the confirmation e-mail.
To confirm availability before making a reservation, you can contact us.

can I negotiate the price?

Yes, before booking we offer you the possibility to negotiate the price of our offers and for this you can first fill out the reservation form and exchange emails with our reservation service.

Guarantee FNAVM (Moroccan Federation of Travel Agencies)

The Moroccan Federation of Travel Agencies guarantees the customers of Morocco Trip Travel for the full amount paid. This guarantee allows all customers who have booked with us to be reimbursed in the event of a possible default by the company.