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Riad a Camel

Riad a Camel :

  • What Can I do in Marrakech ?

    To enjoy your time Marrakech there are many activities a person can do ! you can ride a camel or drive a quad or a buggy. if you would like to feel the mode of Marrakech and medivial Arab style in an an absolutly brilliant way. You can ride a camel in Marrakech's palm groves. Furthermore, you can feel Moroccan hospitality by driniking a hot mint tea and had an amazing day which will make your holiday perfect. While feeling that enjoy a charm view of palm tree, blue sky, and High Atlas Mountains peaks. Finaly, Riding a camel is one of the best you can do in Marrakech.

  • Ride a camel to feel Marrakech !

    Camel is Desert's ship, also, camel riding is a part of UNESCO world heritage. And, it is a partial part of ecotourism. First, we set of Marrakech to Marrakech's palm groves. also, we arrive to camels after 30 minutes ride in scenic Marrakech palm groves. Second, You dress like an Arab with a turban and long classic dress. And we go on camel's back to start your tour. Third, we pause for some minutes, we drink mint tea with a local family and we go on riding. Finally, Our cameleer will end this tour by bringing you to your start point. Also, you will feel that they are very welcoming and fun when they go back before we drive back to Marrakech and leave Marrakech palm's grove back.

  • Features:

    You have a half-day camel ride trip

    and you see Marrakech stunning palm groves area

    also you will enjoy High Atlas Mountains scenic views

    You will dress like Arab and feel like them

    You feel hospitality, welcome, and fun of by by drinking mint tea

  • Our service include:

    A comprehensive and cofmrtable Transport,

    and A driver/guide

    Also, Insurance

    mint tea, local dress too

    hotel pick up and drop off

  • Our serivece exclude:


    And gratuities

    Also Extra depenses